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Buying A Lot / Membership

Buying into Indian Acres is easy. But there are a few steps that need to be taken.

  1. Apply for membership - Membership approval usually only take 14 days but can take up to 30 days. While waiting for membership approval, you can be researching lots you may be interested in. Applications are also available in the administration office.

    Download & Print Membership Application

  2. Download List of Lots For Sale - Not all lots for sale are listed in the IACT referral listing or discounted listing . However, this is your best resource for lots for sale. Owners may also choose to list their parcels on additional resources which may provide pictures and better descriptions of the lot. Instructions about how to list a lot for sale click here and the referral submittal form .

  3. Take the Virtual Tour or come visit us first hand. Familiarize yourself with Indian Acres. Glens can have different atmospheres and locality to amenities may be a deciding factor.

  4. Indian Acres Club of Thornburg, Inc. is a non-profit Property Owners' Association; therefore we cannot buy or sell property. A lot owner is responsible to market his/her own lot. According to the Declarations of Restrictions (Item 17), the owners of the neighboring lots have Rights of First Refusal. If selling, check with the owner(s) of the adjoining lots to determine if they are interested in purchasing the lot or know of a prospective buyer.

    Many owners choose to advertise in a newspaper, on the internet or through our Referral List of Lots For Sale. The President's memo, with Referral submittal form, is self-explanatory. The Referral List is updated monthly and may be obtained in person or by a telephone call to the Administration Office.

  5. If a prospective buyer is interested in viewing a lot, a pass is necessary to gain entry to Indian Acres. An alternative is to make special prior arrangements with the Administration Office for such visits.

  6. IACT lots vary in size, as do trailers. PRIOR TO PURCHASING A LOT and/or TRAILER, a SURVEY is recommended to be completed by a Certified Survey and a copy must be given to the Site Control Department for your file. Site Control will help you determine the size of lot and/or trailer to fit your needs.

  7. PRIOR TO FINALIZING the SALE of a LOT, the potential buyer MUST apply for and BE APPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP into IACT. (Most Applications are processed within 14 days.)

  8. Following approval by the IACT Board of Directors Review Committee, items (a) through (f) (outlined below) are required before IACT records may be changed to reflect new ownership:

    (a) a copy to the new Deed with Instrument number recorded at Spotsylvania County Courthouse.

    (b) completion of the Contract for Use of Common Facilities form by the new owner.

    (c) completion of the Funsteaders Request for Passes form by the new owner.

    (d) payment of outstanding dues, if any.

    (e) surrender of the guest pass book to the new owner(s), otherwise a book of passes will be issued at a cost to the new owner(s).

    (f) surrender of the seller(s)' membership card(s) to the Administration Office. (Membership cards will not be issued to the new owner(s) until the previous owner(s)' cards have been surrendered.)

  9. Contact PO River Water & Sewer Company at 9073 Nemo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90069, telephone (310) 550-8656 or (800) 750-4256 (choose option #4 to leave a message) or you can also contact the on-site office at P.O. Box 275, Thornburg, VA 22565, telephone (540) 582-2184 ask for Kathy or leave a message. Provide PO River with the name(s) and address of the new owner(s).

  10. Contact the Spotsylvania County Real Estate Office at P.O. Box 65, Spotsylvania, VA 22553, telephone (540) 507-7053 to determine if tax payments are current on the lot.

As required by our Declaration of Restrictions, 12.A, all IACT property owners must be approved for membership in the Association, with the following exceptions:

    1. Individual(s) owning another IACT lot.
    2. Individual(s) who have inherited a lot (IACT must have a copy of the Will).
    3. Minors (Parent / Guardian must complete a Contract for Use of Common Facilities form and Funsteader's Request for Passes form).

A Deed will not be accepted until individual(s) has/have been approved for membership.

NOTE: In the event all individuals on a Deed are not approved for membership, the Deed cannot be accepted. In such a case, a new Deed must be drawn up with the names of only those approved for membership. (A Deed should not be drawn up until after individual(s) is/are approved for membership.)

The following additional guidelines were approved by the Board of Directors:

  • Previous IACT Members who wish to purchase a lot must apply for membership.
  • Approved Applications for Membership will be held for a maximum of 90 days.
  • Incomplete Applications will be held for a maximum of 30 days.
  • After this time has expired, the original Application will be destroyed and a new Application must be submitted.
  • Acceptable as photo ID with an Application for Membership are: State Driver’s License, State / City / Military / Government ID, or Passport.

Further questions should be addressed to the IACT Administration Office (540) 582-6314 or




P.O. Box 120, Thornburg, VA 22565 Telephone: (540) 582-6314 FAX: (540) 582-3246

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