Interested in Exploring our Campground?

Self-Guided Tour

We offer 3 FREE Self Guided Tour passes per person per year. All you need to be eligible, is to bring your valid state issued photo ID and tell us at the security gate that you would like to use a Prospective Buyer pass. These passes are valid for 4 hours each. Passes are issued everyday from 9am-3pm. (we do not give out Prospective Buyer passes on holiday weekends).

Guided Tour

Embark on the full experience of exploration through signing up for a free guided tour with one of our staff members. We will show you our lots for sale, an overview of amenities, and answer any membership questions!

Guided Tour Eligibility

I have taken a self-guided tour already

I have already submitted a membership application

I have an interest in the Takeback Lots for Sale List

I understand and will adhere to the NO RESIDENCY policy